We take things personally here. With big
dreams, bright ideas and truckloads of
enthusiasm, Canopy is your one-stop
boutique creative agency, with a
difference. Nothing is too big – or too
small – for us to tackle. From graphics and
illustrations to packaging design,
corporate identities to marketing
campaigns, our team works with you
every step of the way to turn your ideas
into a compelling story that consumers
will identify with. Now that’s hand-holding
in the best way possible.


We’ve never taken on a job that we
did not fall head over heels in love
with or told a story we did not
believe in. Here’s a sampling of
where we’ve put our creative juices to work.


Visuals, music, words, a collective inspiration which spurs ideas and thoughts in our minds.


Feeling inspired? Reach out
with an enquiry for a creative
project, job application or
feedback here.